Finger Print Time Attendance



Fingerprint Intelligence

BIOENABLE : BIOACCESS V2 is most intelligent fingerprint recognition system. It can AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE the registered fingerprint template based on the changing patterns of the skin and behavior of finger placement. This unique feature ensures that administrator is not required to frequently re-register users and false rejection is minimal.

Fastest Fingerprint Scanning & Matching

BIOENABLE :– BioAccess v2 come with the fastest fingerprint scanning & matching. 50% more people can give attendance within same time leading to time saving and less queuing. It also offer lowest finger rejection compared to competing products.

Rugged & Scratchproof Fingerprint scanner

BIOENABLE :– BioAccess v2 come with rugged and scratchproof fingerprint scanner with long life. Some competing products in the market require you to change the scanner surface every few months.

TCP/IP & USB Disk functions

BIOENABLE :– BioAccess v2 come with TCP/IP LAN Ethernet connectivity as well as USB Disk function allowing you to upload/download logs and users onsite using USB flash disk. Integrated Human Voice – BioAccess has integrated voice chip, with easy to understand human voice instructions and rings.

360 Degree Finger placement

BIOENABLE :– The fingerprint technology in BioAccess allow finger placement in any direction leading to low False rejection due to wrong placement.

NAC - 5000

NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access controller,

which comes with NITGEN'S superior own algorithm,

large LCD& touch screen. It is very convenient and innovative design,

it's a market leader in access control with high value.

NITGEN'S fingerprint algorithm enables to high speed authentication,

NAC-5000 is designed for large scale of security system using TCP/IP & wireless LAN


FK605/ 710 is an embedded facial recognition system with leading "Dual Sensor™" Facial Recognition Algorithm, which applied for time attendance application. Its classic slope design is good for commercial market like Enterprise, Bank, building automation and so on.


Embedded facial recognition system:

• Adopt US advanced DSP technology keeps processing and matching right on the device.

• Standalone application as time attendance, Identity management.

Accurate and Fast Identification:

• Industrial Leading "Dual Sensor™" Facial Recognition Algorithm, FAR < 0.0001%.

• 1:Many up to 1400 users less than 1 second

Large user and log capacity:

• User capacity from 500 to 1400

• Over 150,000 logs Reliable performance under different environments

• Different source-light Technology

• The system can work in different light condition even in the dark

• Over one year Chinese market testing Flexible I/O interfaces

• Internet Protocol based enables LAN or Network deployment

• USB Host for User data upload or download via USB flash driver

User friendly design:

• 3.5 inch color screen for face positioning

• contactless authentication for the ultimate in hygienic

• voice prompt

Other Functionalities:

• Multi authentication methods that able to work with Facial, Pin+Facial

• Low power consumption, 12 Watts in operation, less than 5 Watts in resting mode

Standalone CARD BASED Time and attendance Cum Access control

Product Description :

RFID Time and Attendance Systems, IN and OUT status, also low price with good performance, designed especially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could store 30,000 cards and 50,000 transaction records. It will bring you much profits because of its low price.

Technical Specification :

• Dimension(WxHxD): 19.0 X 13.5 X 3.6 cm

• User Capacity: 30,000

• Transaction Storage :50,000

• Communications: RS232 ,RS485, TCP/IP ,USB-Host

• Identification time : < =2S

• FAR: <=0.0001%

• FRR: <=1% Operating

• Temperature : 0°C - 45°C

• Operating Humidity : 20%-80%

• Card reader: EM RFID(Proximity), Mifare(optional) ,HID (optional)

• Power Supply: 12V 2A

• Wiegand Signal : Output & Input

• Standard Function: Anti-PassBack

• Optional Function: Mifare , HID ,Work Code ,Webserver

• Dispaly : LCD Screen

• Gross Weight : 0.8 Kg

• Language: English