3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Lines PBX
3 Trunk Lines and 8 Extension Lines PBX with Standard Features
3 Trunk Lines and 9 Extension Lines PBX with Premium Features

 Features List
3-Participants Conference
Dynamic Lock (Auto, Manual)
Abbreviated Dialing (Global, Personal)
Alarms (Duration, Remote, Daily, Time)
Extension Groups
Alternate Number Dialing
External Call Forward (ECF)
Allowed and denied list
Flash Timer
Auto Call Back (Busy, No reply)
Flexible Numbering
Auto Redial-Multiple Numbers
Hotline (With Delay, With Number)
Hunting Schemes
Battery Charger Circuit
Interrupt Request
Call Forward (All, Busy, No reply)
Internet Ready Port
Call Park
Least Cost Routing
Call Pick Up (Group, Selective)
Live Call Supervision
Call Privacy
Live System Programming
Call Splitting
Programmable Feature Access
Call Transfer (On Ringing, Busy, Screened, Trunk to Trunk)
Programmable Timers
CLI (Caller Line Identification-DTMF
CLI based ECF
Remote Programming
CLI based Routing
Scheduled Dialing
Continued Dialing
Selective Trunk Access
Day Night Mode (Auto, Manual)
Toll Control
Department Call (Pilot Number)
Trunk Groups
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Trunk Reservation
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Walk-in Class of Service
Distinctive Rings


2 CO Ports, 2 GSM/UMTS(3G) Ports, 2 Digital Extensions, 4 SLTs and Up to 16 IP Extensions
3 CO Ports, 2 GSM/UMTS(3G) Ports, 2 Digital Extensions, 6 SLTs and Up to 16 IP Extensions
4 CO Ports, 2 GSM/UMTS(3G) Ports, 2 Digital Extensions, 10 SLTs and Up to 16 IP Extensions
6 CO Ports, 2 GSM/UMTS(3G) Ports, 2 Digital Extensions, 14 SLTs and Up to 16 IP Extensions




Features List

Automatic Number Translation
Hot Desking
Backup-System Configuration, Software, SMDR
Hot Outward Dialing
Boss Ring
Hunting/User Groups
Call Back on Mobile Port
Incoming Call Management
Call Budget on Extension
Last Number Redial
Call Budget on Trunk
Least Cost Routing (Time, Number, Time and Number)
Call Chaining
Live Call Screening (Voice Mail System)
Call Cost Calculation
Live Call Supervision
Call Cost Display
Logical Partitioning
Call Duration Control
Manual BTS Selection
Call Follow Me
Maturity (Polarity Reversal, Delay)
Call Forward (Busy, No Reply, Dual Ring and External Number)
Meet Me Paging
Call Logs – Missed, Received and Dialed
Message Wait Indication (LED, Shattered Dial tone, Voice Message)
Call Park (General and Personal Orbit)
Mobile Extension (CLI based DISA)
Call Pick Up (Group, Selective)
Mobile Twinning
Call Progress Tones (Programmable)
Multi-Stage Dialing
Call Splitting
Call Taping
Name Programming (Station, Trunk)
Call Transfer (Screened, On Busy, While Ringing, Trunk to Trunk)
Caller ID Presentation and Restriction
Network Selection (GSM)
Caller ID based Routing
OFF-Hook Alert (DKP, IP phone)
Closed User Group
(With/Without Exchange ID)
Online SMDR
Conference – 6 Participants
Operator (Single, Multiple)
Conference Dial-in
Paging (DKP and IP Key Phone)
Conflict Dialing
Peer-to-Peer Calling
Conversation Recording
Priority (Intercom and Trunk)
Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Department/Group Call
Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC)
Dialed Number Directory
Scheduled Call Forward
Digest Authentication (SIP)
Selective Trunk Access
Direct Dialing-in (SIP)
SIM Balance Inquiry and Recharge
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
SIP and RTP QoS (VoIP)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Call Accounting System Interface (SMDR Posting)
Direct Station Selection Console (DSS Console)
Station In-Service/Out-Service
Distinctive Rings
SMDR (Incoming, Outgoing and Internal – 12000 calls)
Do-Not-Disturb (DND)
SA and SE Mode
Do-Not-Disturb (Remote)
System Fault Log
Door Phone (4-Wire) with Relay
System Security (Passwords)
Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Time Zone Display
Dynamic Lock (Manual)
Trunk Auto Answer
Embedded SIP Registrar and Proxy Servers
Trunk Reservation
Emergency Calls Detection and Reporting
Virtual Stations
Emergency Number Dialing
Voice Mail Integration
External Call Forward
Voice Mail to Email Notification
Fax over IP (T.38 Relay and Pass-Through)
Voice Prompts for Tones
File Transfer Protocol
Walk-in Class of Service
Flexible Numbering (Up to 6 Digits)
Web based Programming
Forced Call Disconnection